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This article will use a step by step guidelines to teach you how to obstruct a friend on Facebook without going through stress. Relax because this article will teach you how you can remove your Facebook account. Here is an article that will teach you the basic steps to follow. In a situation where a Facebook user is having outdated or obsolete web pages, for example, pages created mainly for an event, these pages will become useless immediately the event is over. How to Delete Facebook Fan Page: Facebook over the years has allowed its users to create and control multiple web pages which by improving it earn more viewers and friends. If you wish to come back to Facebook later or you are simply taking a break, then the best thing to do is deactivate your Facebook account. Facebook then send another mail to your present main account, which state that another email is about to be added but you won’t have to confirm since it is believed you can’t access that account. Then your new email will be added.

If you want to change the email to any of the other mail already connected, just check it and click “change email address” then it will change, you will now start receiving notification on the email you just checked. But if you want to add another mail entirely, write the email address in the box provided in front of “new email” and click “add email”. Once you’ve the Mac address of the target WHatsApp phone, you can spoof the Mac address as mentioned in my post: How to Spoof the MAC address. On the email page, your main email address is shown alongside other emails connected to your Facebook account. To resolve this, you can change your main email account on Facebook. How to resolve Facebook Login Problems: One of the various benefits of the Facebook Messenger is the provision of sending text without the expense or restrictions of SMS.

Worry less because this article will guide you through the steps required to delete the web pages on Facebook. Although I think Google has brought back the recovery option where you will have to answer a question in order to gain access to reset Google account. And you have being thinking of removing your Facebook account but you don’t know how to go about it? In some instances messages are gotten on the Facebook app whereas it is not gotten on the Facebook Messenger app, in this instance the issue might be connected to the app. After scanning, all the WhatsApp messages will be displayed on your phone real-time. You can remove the number from the system simply by removing your phone number from your WhatsApp account. If this won’t work for you, then it’s better to remove the account totally where you will lose all your friends and messages, so think twice before you remove your Facebook account.

There is a way to go about it without totally removing your Facebook account. In other to reduce the numbers of pages an individual is controlling, there is need to delete outdated pages immediately their work is completed. Online chatting is a great and accepted way of staying in touch with people, and there are several ways in which one can connect with their online friends via chat and instant messenger software. The issue with this is that you might have missed an important Facebook Messenger app update. After rebooting, open the Facebook Messenger App and initiate a discussion to ensure the app is now properly working. To delete a business page has being a great concern to Facebook users, who searches all options looking for ways to delete the page but to no avail. Perhaps, you have a friend who disturbs with irrelevant post but you do not want to totally set him loose, you can just unfollow him/her.

You have thought of obstructing him/her as your friend on Facebook but you don’t know how to go about it, you have visited the right place. Unfortunately, the person will no longer be part of your Facebook pals again because his data has being removed from your account, so you can just forward another pal’s request to him/her to become pals once again. How Can you Know if Someone Blocked you on Facebook: Facebook users are given opportunity to block friends from viewing their post, checking their profile, commenting/replying their posts and any other thing connecting different users. Most people are quite predictable once you get to know them well. When someone came the third time, he did not know how to help and put me on hold for another hr so i hang up. The number will appear on the display and you can now repeat the process to input the second number, third number etc., until all of the numbers are in. This will require your Facebook password to confirm that you are the one that wants to add a new mail, input your password and enter. A confirmation code is sent to the new mail to confirm you are the owner of the mail, input the code at the space provided and enter.